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I have made a decision. Our first book selection is When Gravity Fails by George Alec Effinger. Cyberpunk is one of my favorite if not absolute favorite genre, so this is a fitting way to begin. You can purchase the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or wherever you can find it. I’m not affiliated with any company. Get it where ya can.

And so that we can get ahead of the ballgame…I am going to announce our next selection. After we finish When Gravity Fails, we are going to stick with Effinger but move away from Marid for now. We will be reading Maureen Birnbaum: Barbarian Swordsperson. This is a unique book of short stories. They all center around a character named Maureen, of course. She travels to different Sci-Fi and Fantasy worlds. We will be reading the books along with the story that corresponds. Muffy’s, forgive me as I call her by her slave name, first stop is Burrough’s Barsoom. You will need both of these books for our next leg of the trip.

As for Victor Frankensten, I will do an even more informal talk about him. Mary’s work is too perfect for this time of the year not to discuss it just a little.

I promise we will hit Glory Road which is one of my all-time favorite novels and Nightfall along the way.

And thus…we begin.