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First, I wanted to let y’all know we begin on Friday. That means buy your books, buy them now. I will begin my discussion with the first three chapters of the book. You may want to read them before I post or wait until I do to see what questions I post. See the previous post to find out where to purchase the novel…or be big boys and girls and find it for yourselves.

Now, to the juicy bits…

Here’s the cover copy for the book the current printing (the cover to the left is the original cover 1987):

In a decadent world of cheap pleasures and easy death, Marid Audran has kept his independence the hardway. Still, like everything else in the Budayeen, he’s available…for a price.

For a new kind of killer roams the streets of the Arab ghetto, a madman whose bootlegged personality cartridges range from a sinister James Bond to a sadistic disemboweler named Khan. And Marid Audran has been made an offer he can’t refuse.

The 200-year-old “godfather” of the Budayeen’s underworld has enlisted Marid as his instrument of vengeance. But first Marid must undergo the most sophisticated of surgical implants before he dares to confront a killer who carries the power of every psychopath since the beginning of time.

Wry, savage, and unignorable, When Gravity Fails was hailed as a classic by Effinger’s fellow SF writers on its original publication in 1987, and the sequence of “Marid Audrian” novels it begins were the culmination of his career. (An Orb Book 2005)