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As promised, here is the information you will need for January’s book discussion. First, you will need Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian Swordsperson by George Alec Effinger. This might be a little hard to find and most likely, you will have to buy it used. But…and this is a big BUT…it is worth it! Trust me, seriously just trust me and buy the dang book. For all you boys out there, look at the covers, it is worth the couple of bucks just for the boobs on these two books.

You can find it at:


Barnes and Noble 



***Amendment: The first book that we will read will be Burroughs’ Princess of Mars. It also happens to be free. 

This is the book you will need for February, so get it. You will also need Burroughs’ Pellucidar. I recommend getting the free Kindle version cause well it is free. You might even just have this title sitting on your shelf. 

Now, I know you are asking: why do I need two books for one book discussion?

First, stop your whining and just get the books. And guess what? you don’t need two books…cause by the end of this discussion you will have many more. Maureen is a book of short stories. Each story is a parody of a sci-fi or fantasy piece. We are reading the short story with the original version. So there…that’s why. Feel better now that you have an explanation? Good.

Next question? Oh…right, the schedule. Since we all lead busy lives. We will spend a month on each story and its paired work. Does that sound like a good pace? It does to me. Alright, we will begin on January 5, 2012. We have to December 21, 2012 to get them all read and discussed cause guess what? That’s the end of the world. Don’t look at me like that…the Mayans did it, not me.

Happy Book Hunting!!!