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Someone asked me the other day what my New Year’s resolutions were. I didn’t have any; I never make them. When I make a change or decide to do something, I do it at that moment. I don’t wait for the beginning of the year to change and begin something new. BUT I have decided to set some goals for the year. This is our last year on earth after all, so I only have until December 21, 2012 to complete these. 

Goal Number One: Read a book a week. (This should not be difficult as I will have to read more than one a week for school.)

Goal Number Two: Finish three novels this year. (I have more than that in-production and already have sorted the order for finishing. When I say finish, I mean to the point of sending out queries.)

Goal Number Three: Begin a new non-fiction project with my sweetie. (This one we have sorta been working on already, but we need to dive in and get words on paper.)

Goal Number Four: Make the Dean’s List every semester I’m in school.

Goal Number Five: Find a freelance writing or proofreading or copyediting job.

Goal Number Six: That one is private. No, I’m not going to tell you, but it will happen. I will MAKE it happen.

Goal Number Seven: This is my last goal and is for personal growth and development. I need to control my temper and my drama. I need to learn to let things not hurt me, letting them roll off my back. I have been working on this one my whole life, so I don’t see it miraculously ending this year, but I will be a little bit better. I also need to focus on the friends I have and treat me well, and worry less about the “friends” that don’t.

So there it is—my first resolution list. These are all doable goals, and I set similar ones all the time. What are some of your goals or resolutions?

Oh wait…I have one more. Very soon, I’m going to watch my Crimson Tide win another National Championship to begin 2012 just right. Roll Tide Roll!