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I only have one thing to ask at this point. What is your favorite part of Burroughs Mars?

I like the nakedness. Although, in a real world, this most likely wouldn’t work out. I am glad most people have to walk around covered, myself included. I like that everything is covered with that spongy moss. And most striking to me, are the colors. Burroughs mentions vivid colors in his descriptions of the Martians.

What do you not like that Burroughs has done?

I’m sure some of you don’t like that there is little based in real science here. I don’t really have a problem with that. So far, I don’t have any problems with the book. At times he tells and doesn’t show, but other than that I love his imaginative view of Mars. I’d love to be able to spring a few feet in the air with just a thrust of the legs.

Now, feel free to discuss what you’ve read so far.