When I decided to do our Maureen book discussion, I had not yet signed up for classes. I had not realized that I would be taking five, yes five, English Literature classes. Why does this affect the book discussion here? I am reading constantly…just not for this group. I hope to find some time to read more here, but as of the past few weeks I have been drowning in Literature with a capital ‘L.’ So, forgive me for slacking on this.

Not only am I behind on reading for this discussion, my back went out last weekend. This meant I slowly fell behind on my reading for classes. My schoolwork comes first. I will put more effort in for this discussion. Hopefully, this coming Thursday I will have something for you.

Until then, I promise that I will promise to post about the things I am reading. My Top Authors in American Literature post 1945 class is my favorite. I absolutely love everything I’m reading in there. Flannery O’Connor is one of my absolute favorites. I love what she does with exploring characters and stereotypes, especially Southern ones. I have not read a bad story by her. My favorite thus far is “Good Country People.” I highly recommend grabbing up some of her works and sitting back for a good, short read. There’s always a twist at the end, hitchcockian.

And there is my list of excuses for this time. There will be more content here. It just may take a turn from Sci-Fi to L-L-L-Literature. *shiver*