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This summer I’m reading books for my Advanced American Lit in the Fall. The theme of the course is Apocalyptic fiction. If you know me, you know this is perfect. I feel like the list was written specifically for me.

So far, I’ve read:

World War Z by Max Brooks

I absolutely loved this book. It wasn’t your regular zombie novel. It took different people and offered their personal perspectives from the big infestation. Brooks had to have done a lot of research to pull this one off and seems like he nailed most of it…of course, I’m not an expert on the American military let alone those around the world. I figure it is fiction so minor mistakes fly…like I said, it is fiction. I highly recommend reading this book, and from the cover, looks like it is soon to be a major motion picture. Bonus!

I will keep you updated on all the items I read for this class, and also, I’m reading for fun this summer. I have a huge stack. So far, I’ve read:

Verland by Scully

Wicked by Maguire

Deadlocked by Harris

American Gods by Gaiman

World War Z by Brooks

I’m currently reading 666 Park Avenue by Gabriella Pierce. Keep up with me on Goodreads.

Veruka’s bookshelf: read

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
American Gods
Wicked : The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Verland: The Transformation
The Witch Of Portobello

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