For now, there is one main post author on this site. That would be me, Veruka Lohr. I would like to eventually add more authors, but until that moment, you are stuck with me.

Who am I? Good question.

I am a woman, a thirty-something-ish woman. I have a BS: Computer Science. Some might say I have a BS in BS…I tend to agree. Currently, I am enrolled at the University of Alabama and am seeking a Masters in English. I’m not an expert in fiction or even an expert in reading fiction, but I think I can lead us all through some fun discussions. All five foot two of me will bear the machete and cut us a path through this dense patch of jungle.

Oh yeah, one last bit about me…I’m a writer. When I say I’m a writer, I mean I write fiction. I’m not yet published, but I’m a writer none-the-less.

Any other questions?


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